Korean Dramas on Hulu

Everyone watches K-Dramas, guys, grandparents, parents, and especially me. The term Korean Drama does not necessarily refer to just one genre.  “Drama” refers to any television show. Genres range from Romanic Comedy, Action, History, Variety, Reality, and so much more.  When comparing American and Korean television series the one difference that I’ve noticed is the length and number of episodes each has.  American television shows have not only many episodes but seasons as well.  American shows seem to last for years.  But Korean dramas usually range from 15 to 50 episodes ONLY lasting only 2 to 3 months.  Only a handful of shows would play a couple of episodes per week and almost everybody would watch and know everything about the show. Not only are the “Korean” viewers entertained by K-Dramas but many all around Asia as enjoy watching as well.  K-Drama is especially popular in Taiwan and Japan.

The main reason why K-Drama receives so much attention is because South Korea has only three major television networks.  KSB (Korean Broadcasting System), SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) and MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation).  Because there is a very limited amount of networks only a couple of shows are available for the audience.  Also due to the size of the country, K-drama is quickly distributed throughout South Korea.

Recently I’ve been browsing through Hulu’s genre section looking for other drama related shows to blog about when I came across the Korean Drama link.  I clicked on the link and found a few shows that were once huge hits in Korea a couple of years ago.  This surprised me because of all the other foreign shows that are available why Korean Dramas?

What I dislike about the Korean Drama section on Hulu though is the commercials.  Korean television network stations do not play any commercials during the broadcasting of any show.  Commercials are usually played before or after the show.  But Hulu has about 12 commercials in between an episode.  Also I’ve noticed that Hulu does not have any recent shows that are out right now, only shows that are completed are available.  Also variety and reality shows are unavailable.  Even though there is a limited availability of shows, it is amazing to see a K-Drama section on an American website.  Each episode is subbed in English for the entire US audience’s convenience to enjoy.  I have watched practically every show or know/heard everything about it and enjoyed watching them!

If you want to check it out click HERE!


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